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Customer satisfaction is our top priority
Welcome to A-Team Turbo
If you’re looking for a high quality , hand crafted and durable  Turbo Charger, along with  exceptional customer service before and after your purchase, you’ve come to the right place. At  A-Team Turbo, we sell a high quality, hand fitted and assembled, time and durability  tested turbo,matched for the GM 6.5 Diesel, along with the personal  attention and exceptional service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We offer the best aftermarket custom made turbo charger for the GM 6.5 diesel.  We are the standard the rest imitate, experience what your 6.5 diesel was meant to be with the A-Team Turbo, a custom tune and 4 inch exhaust . Our Company has been producing a quality aftermarket turbo for the GM 6.5 diesel since 2008. We  have tested the turbo on our own vehicles under extreme conditions for two years before offering the first turbo for public sale. We have a proven track record of durability under heavy duty service  Let us put our experience to work for you.
Update as of July of 2016, the kit contains a molded custom intake hose and stainless steel turbo  clamps. 
For more information please contact us by email, A-Teamturbo@Hotmail.com or join us on the A-Team Turbo Facebook owners page.        
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