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About A-Team Turbo
The story behind the creation of the  A-Team Turbo is classic. A few individuals look for a better turbo for their Gm 6.5 diesel and  in 2007  stumble across a surplus turbo charger on a auction site and the rest is history. A-Team Turbo was born of a group of diesel enthusiasts looking to make the most of their Gm 6.5 Diesel. Quality and durability was first and foremost and affordability followed second. Although affordability was a high priority, quality was first. If you are a Facebook fan you can join the A-team Turbo owner and friends Facebook  page and get a real honest answer to your questions from actual owners, not web site gurus or know it all keyboard mechanics. You owe it to yourself to get the real answers not someone's opinion. The knowledge on the page is based in technical fact and experience. I myself am a 26 year plus certified ASE master mechanic. Now the rest of the story. 

Durability testing began for over three years before the A-team Turbo was unveiled for sale to the members of  The Truck Stop (www.thetruckstop.us)  diesel forum, who continue to be the secondary  support for the A-Team Turbo besides the A-team Turbo owners Facebook page.  The concern for quality and customer service have continued to be foremost when you purchase from us. If you have customer service or installation questions you are only a phone call away from speaking with a live person generally the owner of the company. We are a small family owned company and maintain that personal touch, something that has disappeared today. You can call anytime ans speak to a live body someone that actually owns and uses a A-team turbo

 Since our company opened, we have  treated every customer  with respect and dignity, the way we would like to be treated when spending our hard earned dollars.  Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, we own and use what we sell. Talk with us and ask questions before you purchase. We have a large customer base and will be able to help you decide if purchasing the turbo, is the right choice for you. We also will put you in-contact with people that have purchased our Turbo Charger so you can make an informed decision.   Join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ATeamTurbo/
Committed to helping our customers realize the potential of the GM 6.5 Diesel